-fixed: Auto Recovery didn't always load the list of URLs properly

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-fixed: saved CAPTCHA solving service was not always selected at startup

-optimized: The "Click Internal URL" algorithm will find more inner pages to click
-fixed: minimize/maximize buttons have been updated to always work properly

-fixed: error message that would show up after each visit for no reason

-fixed: multiple URLs weren’t handled correctly by the WZARDs of the built-in scripts

-optimized: “Smart Proxy Algorithm”

-new feature: “Free RAM” option will free the memory after a specified number of visits
-fixed: SAVE/WIZARD buttons were not operational after the last update

-new feature: possibility to use values higher than 100% for “Click Internal URL” to produce multiple internal clicks (example Value: 250%)

-new feature: possibility to use random delay for “Click Internal URL” option (example Value: 10-15)

-new feature: posibility to set percantage for “Click Internal URL” to be able to produce a realistic bounce rate
-new feature: posibility to set delay for “Click Internal URL” so the bot can stay on the inner page longer after navigating to it
-improved: memory management
-changed: added “X” button instead of Windows “X” button so the bot can clear memory and turn off “Auto Recovery” when quitting the bot
-fixed: tooltips sometimes didn’t appear correctly

-new feature: “Auto Recovery” option will automatically restart the bot if an unexpected crash occurs and continue from where it left off. For this to work, you need to save your Project before starting it!

-new feature: “Focus” command has been added to the Script Editor. You can use it to scroll/focus to any part of a webpage.

-new feature: “Change HMA IP” option will change HMA IP address after a specified number of visits (HMA! Pro VPN must be running)
-fixed: Browser.exe crashes sometimes still appeared

-new feature: “Disable Sound” option will disable any audio coming from the built-in browsers (silent mode)
-new feature: “Delete Dead Proxies From File” option will delete the dead proxies from the actual file you opened

-added: automatic prevention of sleep/hibernate/standby while the bot is running
-improved: memory management
-fixed: no more Browser.exe crash notifications

-added: bot will now remember the last used CAPTCHA solving service
-fixed: in some cases the wrong CAPTCHA solving service was used in the Google Search Bot

-fixed: proxy checker didn’t always work with private proxies
-fixed: Smart CAPTCHA Recognition was unchecked when using the Google Search Bot wizard
-fixed: pressing Enter in the wizard added an extra line

-new feature: a wizard has been added for the built-in scripts
-new feature: you can now use Regular Expressions/Wildcards when adding a command (advanced usage)
-fixed: bug when trying to delete projects
-fixed: CAPTCHAs weren’t always deleted from memory when using “Manual” settings

-added: CLEAR button in the Script Editor
-removed: LOAD PROJECTS button
-removed: SAVE/LOAD SCRIPTS button (scripts are saved/loaded automatically with any project)

-fixed: Default Project wasn’t always fully loaded at start-up
-fixed: wrong script was opened when using the Yahoo Search Bot
-fixed: bug with TEST ALL button not executing the commands
-improved: projects are now automatically loaded (LOAD button will be removed in the next update)
-improved: minor memory management issues

-new feature: project management (save/load/delete your projects)
-new feature: “HIDE TO TRAY” button will minimize the bot to tray
-new feature: bot will automatically close crash messages every 60 seconds (can happen when the bot is set to too many threads)
-improved: memory management (bot now uses less RAM)
-fixed: Click command wouldn’t execute the commands properly when using the FILE function
-fixed: checkboxes would sometimes not display the hidden options correctly

-you can now use spin syntax when adding referrers
-fixed minor bug when using the FILE function with the Click command

-minor bug fixes

-fixed the formatting when adding a random delay to the editor

-you can now control the delay at which new threads are opened (use with caution)

-you can now use dash (-) to add random delays (example Value: 10-15)

-initial public release